Top 10 Cruise Lines For Couples

Top Cruise Lines For Couples

Princess Cruises


This cruise line is a fantastic choice due to the amount of luxury offered at a reasonable price. It has lovely suites and mini-suites all with balconies.

They also have great packages and activities for couples. These include couples meal discounts, spa treatments and the most unique being an on-board under the stars movie screening.

The meals are exquisitely prepared and served. All this is available at a reasonable price.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This is the best choice for couples who like to be free and spontaneous and do things their own way.

The ship serves meals all day long so that couples on board can choose the time they want to eat. No more being afraid of missing breakfast because you decided to sleep in.

There are also under the stars private lounge areas for couples to relax and snuggle up.

Celebrity Cruises

This cruise line is a bit pricey but definitely worth every penny.

The ships do not serve common meals. Couples have the opportunity to choose what to eat and when to eat as the ships have on board restaurants offering different cuisine.

Cabins and suites are designed to offer the best privacy, comfort and luxury to the couples.

Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line

This cruise line is a great and affordable choice for couples seeking to save the extra coin but still receive the best experience.

For reasonably low prices, a couple will get to enjoy exquisite meals, sleep in luxurious suites and enjoy a range of on-board activities.

SeaDream Yacht Club

This cruise line boasts of fleet of several lovely ships. All the cabins and suites are expertly decorated and create a lovely and cozy environment for couples.

The cruise line spares no cost in ensuring that a romantic ambiance is created. This is done using the live music every night, stargazing lounges and lovely sunset viewing areas.

Disney Cruise Line

For a young at heart couple, this is the ideal choice. The ships offer couples an opportunity to interact with Disney characters. They also offer packages and activities for a more sophisticated couple including romantic dinner settings.

It would also be perfect for a couple with children. This is because the children are sufficiently entertained and there is an on board daycare center.

Carnival Cruise Line

This is another wonderful low cost option offering couples both luxury and fun. It also has all inclusive payment packages for most services.

MSC Cruises

The feature that lands this cruise line in the list is the fact that it covers a large are of travel and stop overs allowing couples to visit many different destinations at once. The cruises are all year round and the rates are low and affordable.

Regent Seven Sea Cruises

What sets this cruise line apart is the all-inclusive fare packages. This means that everything you will need on the ship is already paid for. This allows couples to have unlimited fun without having to worry about how much money they’re spending.

Oceania Cruises

This cruise line has a magnificent fleet of luxury ships. The suites are decorated in such a way that they create a comfortable homely yet luxurious feel.

There are plenty of activities for couples to enjoy together such as culinary and art centers, dance classes and yoga sessions among others.

For more private and intimate moments the ships have plenty of room for couples to wander together without being bothered.

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