P&O Cruise Line Review

P&O Cruise Line Review

P&O are celebrated as Australia’s favourite cruise line and are the proud owners of Australia’s largest permanent big-ship cruise. With a wonderful history and heritage, P&O are cruise experts and are favourites of many passengers ranging from retirees to children.

Offering a mainstream experience filled with energy, excitement and experience, P&O really do offer an exceptional service and provide award winning facilities. P&O are focussed on budget cruises and offer fantastic value for money when it comes to cruise options. With plans for two brand new ships to be launched in 2015, this is a really exciting time for P&O Australia!

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  • Pacific Island
  • Australia
  • Papa New Guinea
  • Asia
  • New Zealand


Whilst offering an active and action packed itinerary of events and entertainment, P&O still provide moments of luxury and idyllic atmosphere for travelling couples. Whether it’s sunbathing with cocktails on deck, being pampered at the spa or solitary moments of bliss in the child-free ‘Oasis’, P&O ensure your experience is as luxurious as possible.

Travelling with children

P&O are experts when it comes to children and experience. Complete with three on board children’s clubs for a range of ages, fun and exciting experiences are waiting for your children and all provided by fully trained staff. Activities include PlayStation competitions, hip-hop classes, talent shows, sports competitions and pizza parties.


P&O offer a diverse and extremely delicious range of menu options, complete with set and flexible dining times. All on board food offerings have been recipients of great reviews from passengers who enjoy the variety, quality and range. Aside from the primary dining rooms, P&O also offer specialty dining which include:

  • Luke Mangan’s Salt Grill
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Pan-Asian
  • Hamburger Grill

On Board Activities/Entertainment

On board offerings from P&O are an overload of fun, fitness, entertainment and sheer adventure. Entertainment programmers are overloaded with an overwhelming range of enthralling variety that truly cater for their magnificently diverse customer focus. Amongst the late night entertainment, live music and sporting facilities, on board activities can include:

  • Karaoke
  • Dancing
  • Bingo
  • Enrichment lectures
  • Movies
  • Cabaret
  • Game Shows
  • Mixology Classes

P&O Cruise Deals

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