Family Cruise Vacation Guide

Family Cruise Vacation Guide

Who said parents get to have all the fun on a cruise? This is the family cruise vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

A place where you can unwind while your kids are just winding up.

Youth staff on cruise ships are carefully chosen from education and recreation programs at their university or college.

Your child will like the counselors because they are fun and have the kid’s interests at heart.

Actually, they are experts in fun—they design specialized activities for all ages. And they’ll keep a constant watch over your children to make you happy. Not to mention, each staff member is trained in CPR and First Aid certified, so your child will be safe and secure at all times. Not only that, they’re trained in communication and confidence building too.

It really is a kids holiday!

  • Water slides
  • Magic shows
  • Pizza parties
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Karaoke
  • Kids-only shore excursions
  • Disco parties and more!

Just imagine… Well-trained staff, extensive facilities, and coordinated activities. ALL you need to make your “holiday at sea” with kids – smooth sailing for the whole family.

Most cruise lines offer private and/or group babysitting options from around 9:00 AM until the “wee hours” of the morning.

They also provide age-specific, organized programs run by trained professionals.

Although there are slight variations by cruise line, age categories for organized programs are generally geared to:

  • 2-5 year olds
  • 6-8 year olds
  • 9-11 year olds
  • 12-17 year olds

It’s easy to relax when you know your kids are safe and happy!

Cruise lines offering extensive children’s activities are:

  • Carnival Cruise Line – Programs for ages 2 -17 years
  • Celebrity Cruise Line – Programs for ages under 3 – 17 years
  • Crystal Cruises – Programs for ages 3 – 17 years
  • Disney Cruise Line – Programs for ages 3 – 17 years
  • Holland America Line* – Programs for ages 3 – 17 years
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Programs for ages 2 – 17 years
  • Princess Cruises – Programs for ages 3 – 17 years
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line – Programs for ages 6 months to 17 years* may vary by ship

What are Good Family Cruise Vacations

What to Ask when looking for a Family Cruise

Since no two cruise ships are created exactly the same, parents need to do some homework to find the ship that best matches the family needs!

  • Is the program year round or seasonal? Some programs only operate during holiday periods. Age specific categories may only be available if there are a certain number of children that age on-board! Check before you book to avoid disappointment.
  • What are the hours of operation? Are there programs available to mind the kids if you want to have dinner alone or take a shore excursion?
  • Are there special programs for teens?
  • Are special prices available for the kids? Some cruise lines offer third and fourth in a cabin rates, while others may have a “kids go free” program!

You can get more information on Carnival Cruise Lines excellent family cruise kid’s program Camp Carnival here.

You can learn more about Princess Cruises kid’s program here.

You can view Disney Cruisline children’s activities here!

Take a look at Holland America Line childrens programs here.

Here you can view what young adventurers can do on Royal Caribbean’s complimentary Adventure Ocean® Youth Program !

Yes! Crystal Cruises has wonderful activities for kids 3 to 17!

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