Cruises from New Zealand Guide

Cruises from New Zealand Guide

With the original settlers in New Zealand arriving by boat, cruising is the perfect way to explore this stunning and action packed Island. With beautiful landscapes, blue seas and the greenest fields, it is no wonder that Hollywood picked this marvelling beauty for the filming location of ‘Lord Of The Rings’.

A cruisers dream, each of the wondrous Kiwi regions are all within one nights sailing distance of each other, this is due to the compact land mass that New Zealand is blessed with. Split between two North and South islands, New Zealand really does cater for everybody. Whether it is breath taking scenery, an outdoors adventure, wildlife exploration or a cultural journey through Maori history, New Zealand really does have it all. Embark on a blissful journey where no two regions are the same, each coming alive with something new to see and do. Whether it’s a mountain adventure or a dolphin filled swim, cruising New Zealand really does provide everybody with life changing moments and visions.  We have hundreds of cheap New Zealand cruise deals for you to compare, with routes, ports and destinations a-plenty, your Kiwi oceanic adventure is waiting for you to explore! Cut out the search engines and enquiry forms now and enjoy being just one step away from your dream cruise now.Get a Quote!

When is the best time to cruise New Zealand?


Both of the North and South islands of New Zealand enjoy a maritime climate, with consistently moderate weather and temperatures. Dominated by the mountains and seas, New Zealand does see a relatively high amount of rain compared to its neighbouring island Australia. This however is soon outweighed by plenty of sunshine throughout the year, especially in the summer months which fall between December and February. Between March and May, autumn can still bring exceptional weather and blue skies that are lined with sun. The unpredictable spring visits the Kiwis in September to November and all weather types are sure to be expected. Finally, June to August brings the winter, where cold weather and high rainfall can sweep both the North and South island. Cruisers are always advised to bring clothing to suit all seasons due to New Zealand’s famous capability of experiencing ‘four seasons in one day’!

Highlights of New Zealand cruises

A land of scenic beauty and landscapes, New Zealand can bring you sights and activities that you will be unable to find anywhere else. New Zealand caters brilliantly to adventure chasers and has a whole host of thrilling activities to trigger your adrenaline. If relaxation and culture is your main aim, New Zealand does this like no other and its coastal beauty, pristine beaches, international gastronomy and hot pools are waiting for you now! Wherever your kiwi journey takes you, you can be sure you will never be short of things to do.

  • Movie lovers are sure to be spoilt for choice when visiting New Zealand due to its popularity around the World for filming locations. Take a trip to Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings) in the North Island and marvel at the extreme detail and beauty of this marvellous set location and tour.
  • Sky Dive over Queenstown and witness the unbelievable glistening lakes and stunning mountains laced with snow.
  • New Zealand is famous for its scenic and relaxing rail journeys. Hit the tracks and be guided through stunning volcanic landscapes, remote national parks, winding rivers and strips of coast line kissed with sun.

Ports for New Zealand cruises

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Cruises from Auckland

Located at the top of the North Island and New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland is a common starting point for your kiwi cruise. With an ideal position for scheduling in other North Island ports, Auckland is a welcoming and diverse city, brimming with culture, shopping and token kiwi hospitality!

Sitting upon a stunning harbour that is lined with ferries and cruise ships, Auckland enjoys a beautiful waterfront location, positioned perfectly in front of a stunning sky line featuring its very own ‘Sky Tower’. Auckland’s dreamy proximity to the water really sets this city apart and leads it directly to the fabulous Bay of Islands and the Gulf of Hauraki. Auckland is New Zealand’s premier cosmopolitan city filled with an addictive sense of hustle and bustle. Lined with bars, cafes, traditional pubs and international eateries, Auckland is a perfect example of multi-cultural wonder. Auckland also strives to fulfill a highly impressive commitment to culture and there are always scheduled events and festivals dedicated to arts and music.

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Port Facilities

Queens Wharf

  • Many cafes and bars
  • Fantastic transport links
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Restaurants

When is the best time to cruise Auckland?

Auckland enjoys a much warmer climate all year round which differs slightly from New Zealand’s other major cities such as Wellington and Christchurch. The main hazard for cruisers in Auckland is the intense sunshine that the summer brings. Strong sun protection is greatly advised for this season as the sun rays can be very strong, this is due to the reduction in ozone over New Zealand. The Auckland summer and popular cruising season takes place from December to February with the other seasons sharing consistent very changeable weather. Cruisers to New Zealand and Auckland are always advised to pack clothing for all seasons!

Useful Information

  • Currency – New Zealand Dollar
  • Time Zone – New Zealand Standard Time

Highlights of Cruises in Auckland

Art, History & Culture

  • Auckland Art Gallery An exciting and cultural mix of contemporary and fine art, featuring an ever changing series of World class exhibitions.
  • Auckland Museum A beautiful building of Greek style revival, the Auckland museum is definitely the most stunning and recognisable structure in Auckland. Exploring Maori history and culture, the Auckland museum is a perfect day out.
  • Howick Historical Village Howick is a fascinating living museum that recreates an era of early Auckland settlement.
  • Stardome & The Auckland Observatory The Stardome is Auckland’s oldest and largest planetarium that explores and shares a passion for stars and space.

Nature, Wildlife & Sports

  • The Sky Tower Standing over a thousand feet tall, the Sky Tower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Offering bars, cafes and shops, the Sky Tower also offers adrenaline fuelled activities from the very top of the structure!
  • Auckland Zoo is home to New Zealand’s largest collection of animals and wildlife.
  • Cornwall Park A beautiful and award winning park offering a stunning escape from the city.
  • Tiritiri Island A day trip from the city, Tiritiri Island is a breath taking nature and wildlife area offering beautiful and scenic views and landscapes.


  • Queen Street
  • Parnell
  • Ponsonby
  • Downtown Shopping Centre

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