Celebrity Solstice Cruise Review

Celebrity Solstice Cruise Review

The Celebrity Solstice is a solstice-class ship and up until 2010, was the largest ship to be built in Germany. The first ship in the solstice class, Celebrity Solstice is a luxurious ship with a wonderfully sophisticated range of furnishings and facilities.

Celebrity Solstice Cruises



Continuing their emphasis on sophistication, there is a vast entertainment programme and a wonderful selection of popular activities available. With seminars and lectures, trivia contests, art gallery tours and technology classes, the Solstice provides the perfect opportunity for personal enrichment as well as fun. A very popular passenger selection on board the Solstice is the wine-tasting opportunities with the Solstice ‘Cellar Masters’. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about wine and the art of wine selection, Sommeliers are on hand to guide you through and assist in this exciting addition to the Solstice programme. Other activities that are met with customer acclaim on board the Solstice are live glass blowing demonstrations, dance lessons, on board gallery and various day time music sessions.

Evening entertainment on board the Solstice is fun and glamorous, taking place on a selection of venues throughout the ship. Expect to enjoy live jazz, Broadway-style shows, live music, comedy and nightly club nights to indulge in evenings full of dancing!


The Grand Epernay is the main dining room on the Solstice ship, offering a wonderful array of tastes and flavours, chefs work hard to create tasty and creative menus. For casual diners there is a 24 hour buffet available along with the Oceanview café that serves up sandwiches, pizza, snacks and sushi. Other options available are a pool-side grill and a healthier restaurant for gym and fitness class guests.

Other facilities on board Celebrity Solstice Cruises:

  • Kids – Children’s clubs, activities and events are available daily.
  • Leisure & Recreation – Library, lawn club, card room, shops, boutiques, beauty salon, sky observation lounge, conference facilities.
  • Health & Fitness – Fitness centre, swimming pools, aqua spa, jogging court, basketball court, spa, solarium, whirl pool, steam room & sauna.

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