Best Mediterranean Cruises Guide

A Mediterranean cruise is a wonderful mixture of high culture and hedonism, an opportunity to indulge in simple pleasures while enriching the mind with art and learning. Cruising the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal way to revisit the past while thoroughly enjoying the present.

Mediterranean cruises take you to very heart of the ancient world, the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruising the Med provides a treasure-trove of destinations, from great cities of antiquity to tiny harbors unspoiled and little changed in centuries.

Ships offering Mediterranean itineraries are often as diverse as their destination, ranging from the largest mega-ships to the small romantic and intimate luxury vessels.

The length of a Mediterranean cruise can vary from one week to three weeks or more.

“…a picnic on a gigantic scale”


declared Mark Twain about his Mediterranean Cruise experience on board a steamer from New York in 1867!

From Portugal and Spain through France, Italy, Croatia and Greece to Turkey and Egypt, Mediterranean cruise ships spend a long, leisurely season exploring lost civilizations and colorful cultures that thrive today beneath the Mediterranean sun.

About Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by three continents and over a dozen countries. Mediterranean cruises provide ports of call ranging from grand cities to charming romantic islands. And getting to Europe is easy as there are plenty of airlines servicing port cities who offering a variety of flights at all levels from first class to economy.

Cruises from the Med allow for a fantastic mix of city sights, exotic surroundings, great views and a wondrous menu of gourmet cuisine. A Mediterranean cruise provides a gateway to a seemingly endless possibility of destinations and opens up fantastic opportunity to explore the diverse and cultural delights of Europe.

A Med cruise brings a countless host of sights, activities and adventures, all within short distances in between. From fashion districts to international wine, coastal wonder to European delicacies, a Mediterranean cruise provides memories and experiences that will last a life time.  We have hundreds of cheap cruise deals for you to compare, with routes, ports and destinations a-plenty, your Mediterranean adventure is waiting for you to explore. Cut out the search engines and enquiry forms now and enjoy being just one step away from your dream cruise now!

When is the best time to cruise The Mediterranean?

Cruising is extremely popular all year round in the Med; this is due to the large amount of sights and excursions that aren’t fully dependent on weather. Being one of the most popular cruise regions in the World, most cruise lines ensure availability for cruises throughout the whole year. The peak season for cruising tends to hit the Med in the summer months of May through to September. November to March brings to most rainfall to the region however the Canary Islands are perfect for the winter months due to their year-long climates.

Highlights of cruises to The Mediterranean

  • Take a river trip on a classic wooden gondola down the river in Venice! Make the famous photos a reality and enjoy the riverside beauty whilst you are rowed along in the classic Venetian transport!
  • Make a port stop in Rome and revel in the visual delights of one of the most ancient cities in Europe. With authentic roman ruins and breath taking architecture, Rome provides everybody with a historical and cultural dream.
  • Head to Dubrovnik in the heart of Croatia and take wonderful photographs of the dramatic buildings and stunning coastal surroundings. Dubrovnik provided the location for many filming scenes in ‘Game of Thrones’ and is a perfect setting for a day of cultural exploration!

Must Visit Places in the Mediterranean


Muslim culture and Western architecture blend in this popular Morrocan resort town. Shop for souvenirs made by local artisans or simply spend the afternoon relaxing on the shores of its endless beaches.


With its beautiful boulevards and pleasant shopping streets, Alicante is one of the most well-known towns on the Costa Blanca. The shoreline of Alicante owes its name to the white-sand beaches stretching for several miles.

ATHENS (Piraeus)

This ancient city was named after Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. See the spectacular Parthenon on the Acropolis or travel to scenic Cape Sounion to explore the Temple of Poseidon.

AZORES ISLANDS (Ponta Delgada)

Cavernous crater lakes and impressive sea cliffs shaped by hardened black lava cover the landscape of the nine Azores Islands. Often described as the tip of the lost continent of Atlantis, this Portuguese archipelago is a sight to behold.


Browse the shops on the winding streets of Las Ramblas, spend the day admiring Picasso’s early works at the Picasso Museum or visit Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Familia — a worldwide symbol of Barcelona.


Experience the life of the rich and famous on Cannes’ chic beaches. Stroll the Boulevard de la Croisette or venture to Monte Carlo, home to the Grand Casino and Monaco’s Royal Palace.


Browse the open-air markets of Marrakech, or visit Mohamed V Square in Casablanca and the picturesque white tombs of the Marabout.


Admire the colorful gardens alongside the Achilleion Palace, view the coffin of St. Spyridon, the island’s patron saint, discover the Venetian architecture or spend the day lazing on the sand of a sun-drenched beach.

CORSICA (Propriano)

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica, a land that is equal parts beautiful, wild, rugged and still a bit old-fashioned. From Propriano, explore Filitosa and enjoy the great wine of this region.


Visit the artistic wonders of Florence with a trip to the Uffizi Museum and the Galleria dell’Accademia. Venture to Pisa to catch a glimpse of its famed Leaning Tower.


Explore Europa Point and St. Michael’s Cave, or visit the famous Barbary apes as you discover the natural beauty of this rocky peninsula.


See Turkey’s most impressive sights, including the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia — one of the three largest churches in the world — and the Topkapi Palace Museum.


Discover ancient Greece as you wander the site of the original Olympic Games and the Pediments of the Temple of Zeus — one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

KUSADASI — (Ephesus)

From the bustling harbor of Kusadasi you can journey to the ruins of Ephesus, St. John’s Basilica and the Shrine of the Virgin Mary.


Stroll down the cobblestoned streets of the Alfama District, window shop in the Baixa or tour the riverside district of Belem in this beautiful city.


Explore Mallorca for its sun, sea and sand. Or venture deeper to its dramatic Gothic architecture, hilltop villages, olive groves and hidden beaches.


Prepare for a picnic from the bounty of an open-air market, and pick from an array of quaint villages to serve as your backdrop. Sip wine at a streetside café in Avignon or browse the bustling Aix-en-Provence.


Experience the glamour of Monte Carlo as you wander the chic shops, colorful gardens and seaside landscapes of one of the wealthiest towns in all of Europe. The Grand Casino is a must-see.


A Mediterranean cruise to this tiny Greek island (only 35 sq miles) is colorful and alluring with showcasing beautiful white-washed facades.

The town’s waterfront is lined with shops, cafes and tavernas. The south coast has heavenly beaches, all a short cab or bus ride from the town.

The archeological site of Delos is on an adjacent island.


Let the wind blow through your hair on an Amalfi Coastal drive tour from Naples. Visit Pompeii and wander amongst the ruins. The enchanting Isle of Capri brings opportunities to bask in the sun and walk through cobblestoned streets.


Medieval streets, beaches and quaint villages envelop this Greek paradise — the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. Spend your day perusing the Acropolis of Lindos or Rhodes’ Old Town.

ROME (Civitavecchia)

Make a wish and throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain, visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel or take in the dramatic Colosseum — the choice is yours.

This scenic and inspirational island is known for its white-washed buildings clinging to the cliffs. Journey to the ruins of ancient Akrotiri, known as the Pompeii of Greece.

SARDINIA (Alghero)

Medieval architecture and the unspoiled coastline of Costa Verde are the hallmarks of this Italian island. Tour the beaches and grottoes around Alghero, or take in the traditional culture of Nuoro Province.


Dazzling Seville reveals its charm as you wander its narrow streets and small squares. Bullfighting and flamenco make this town famous as do major sights such as Alcazar Palace.


Get caught up in the magic of Venice as you glide down the Grand Canal in a gondola. Admire St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. Enjoy a glass of wine at a waterfront café or venture to nearby Murano for a colorful piece of Venetian glass — the perfect memento.


Spend the day along the shores of this quaint village or make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, one of Spain’s national monuments. Ripe with architectural wonders, this holy city is home to La Plaza del Obradoiro, Rajoy Palace and Gelmirez Palace.

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